Pratishtha – A Vocational Skill-Training Program

Pratishtha – A Vocational Skill-Training Program

Pratishtha aims to employ the vast number of unemployed youths who are not able to further their studies due to financial constraints.

Indicating sluggishness in the country’s job market, the International Labour Organizsation (ILO) has said in a recent report that the unemployment scenario in India has been showing a rising trend. Going by ILO’s latest estimates, India’s unemployment rate was 4.9% (2014). In 2010, 27% of India’s youth were not in school, training, or employed.

Looking at the data, Pratishtha aims at curbing this issue. We achieve it through a three-month training for youths between the ages 18-35 and include the following skills:-

  • Spoken English
  • Retail- Customer Relation and Sales
  • Life and Work Skills
  • Computer and Internet

Once the Pratishtha students finish their course, they are opened up into a world of opportunities through placements and are trained to choose the best fitting job according to their skills.

Reaching Hand aims to reach out to 1500 unemployed youths by 2017 and secure them with jobs, making them bread winners of their families, elevating their standard of living, and positively impacting their families and communities in the end.