Bag To School

According to UNICEF figures, in South Asia 35% of children start primary education but do not reach the final grade. This is the highest drop-out rate in the world. The primary factor for these dropouts is poverty and other socio-economic constraints. In order to drastically reduce the drop out rate, special attention and resources have to be given to these children. Providing quality education, as well as the resources necessary to maintain it is absolutely crucial.

Currently, Reaching Hand works with 54 government schools, impacting the lives of over 13,000 students. We have noticed that in many of our catered school large percentage of students either do not have a school bag or make do with materials as crude as a polythene bag. The idea behind giving out a school kit is not just a goodwill gesture, but an opportunity to encourage children to learn

On one hand, it is an opportunity to equip needy children with school accessories which they otherwise cannot afford. But most importantly, the School kits will enable the students to be more organized and excited to learn, and in the process develop their overall educational experience and prevent school drop outs.

Through the ‘BAG-TO-SCHOOL’ campaign, Reaching Hand believes that we can play a
major role in bringing about a significant change. We hope to reach majority of “out-of-school” children.

The goal of the program is to:

  • To provide every child with an equal opportunity to learn
  • Provide hope to our economically weaker communities
  • Focus on children, who are the future of this nation
  • Encourage each child to attend school and motivate them to learn

Our aim is to provide 50,000 underprivileged children in government schools with much needed school kits.Each school kit contains all the necessary stationery supplies, learning resources and utensils that will ultimately enhance interest and motivate each child to learn.

You can be a part of this initiative by contributing a small amount that will make
a huge difference in the lives thousands of children.

Support a child today to complete his education – Sponsor a “School Kit” for just Rs 500/-

Contact Abraham Prakash ( +917022422437 | ) to know how donations* can be made.
* All donations are eligible for 50% tax exemption u/s 80G, and receipts will be issues for the same.

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