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International Donor- #Homefor500 Construction Project

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Niki Kraska, USA

I knew before coming to India that I wanted to donate to an NGO I’d be working with. I looked into Reaching Hand’s webpage and read all about their efforts with New Home. I instantly felt like I wanted to raise money for them. Then, after coming into the office and into their home, it was confirmed. When I sat down with the director, he told me he wanted me to actually see their different programs so I could choose where the funds went, so I could feel where they are most needed. Within days I knew I could trust Reaching Hand to put the money where it is most needed.

There was (and still is) a big campaign going on to raise money for a brand new home for the girls and boys, so it was a perfect fit. I got to work with the boys and girls of New Home, and knowing I was able to raise funds to support them meant so much to me. Through donations of friends and family on GoFundMe, I was able to donate $2,000 to Reaching Hand. And since I donated on Giving Tuesday, the money was matched by Microsoft Youth Sparks for a total of $4,000!

The children will lose their current rented home within a year, so it is so important for Reaching Hand to raise the funds for the building of their new property as soon as possible to make the transition smooth for the children. They’ve already been through enough in their lives…. I will continue to donate as much as I can for this cause.