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Poverty in childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood. Impoverished children often grow up to be impoverished parents who in turn bring up their own children in poverty. In order to break the generational cycle, poverty reduction must begin with children and their education. The inverse relationship that exists between education of girls and infant mortality is well established in all regions in the developing world. Education of children has an inter-generational impact on poverty.

as stated by UNICEF 2011.

Through our scholarship program we have supported up to 72 boys and girls each year their education. Underprivileged children and youths who are at risk of becoming school dropouts or discontinuing their studies for a variety of reasons (often financial) are given a chance to take their education further through Reaching Hand’s scholarship program. Children who desire to continue with school through higher study are relieved of the financial burden, which often prevents them from achieving a quality education. We provide them with different opportunities to make them productive citizens and encourage them to lead a better future through good education from a crucial age.