Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

’Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’ located in the southern west coast of the Indian subcontinent, has breathtaking natural landscapes and fertile valleys. Unprecedented summer monsoons in mid-August 2018 resulted in flash floods devastating life and property on a humungous scale leaving over 500 citizens dead, displacing over 14.50 lakh from 13 districts to find shelter in 3000 relief camps and causing damage worth 31000 crores.

Most of the people lost their homes, livelihood and became victims to health-related diseases. Due to the continuous rainfall, large agricultural farms have been flooded, with estimated crop losses between 71 million to 101 million USD (The Times of India). Coffee, rubber, tea and black pepper are amongst some of the crops worst affected. In rural Kerala, many farmers may not be able to recover quickly enough to harvest any yield this season. Farmers in rural areas may also lack access to adequate insurance cover to aid their recovery process.

Similarly, due to substantial floods and landslide in Kodagu more than 16 people died and nearly 12000 families lost their livelihood. It left the district crippled for days cutting connectivity to the citizens and making rescue operations difficult due to uneven terrain.

REACHING HAND immediately sprang into action loading trucks of ‘Immediate relief materials’ from Bangalore to reach out the flood victims of Wayanad initially and then to Kodagu and other adversely affected parts of Kerala.
‘Immediate Relief materials’ including food, clothes, water, medicine reached 1965 victims of the flood and landslides in 42 villages and 75 students with educational books together worth of 7 lakhs rupees together.
Following this ‘Family Kits’ consisting of food ration, toiletries, garments & sleeping mat/bed sheet for the affected families were distributed to the flood victims with the support of individuals and volunteers as part of Phase 1 relief.

Relief for devastation of such magnitude requires support of State & Central Government, district administration, NDRF, local citizens, volunteers and corporate houses. Therefore, Reaching Hand started working closely with the district administration and local volunteers to assess the grave need at ground level. ‘Reaching Hand’ reached out to the corporate partners for resources, materials and funds to support the flood victims.

Further ahead with the support and generous contribution of many individuals, families ,groups and corporate like Fidelity Business Service, CGI, DELL , XL Health (Optum), Applied Materials, SLK Mettalics donating funds of over 3.4 crore we were able to reach out to

With the support of corporate ‘Fidelity Business Services’ REACHING HAND made contribution to the CMDRF in Kerala and Kodagu- 4,925,292 Rs to CMDRF of KERALA and 2,051,424 Rs to CMDRF of KARNATAKA
Under this corporate with funds of 36L we have distributed relief materials to 450 flood affected families ,200 in Kerala and 250 in Kodagu and as part of livelihood support have distributed 100 calves to 100 families in Wayanad.
The major support came from other two corporate too namely CGI and DELL that made a very generous contribution of 1 Crore each to reach out to the flood and landslide affected in Kerala and Kodagu.

With the funds received from these corporate and other corporate we provided ‘Relief Phase Assistance’ in Kerala by providing 638 families in 9 villages with Relief/ Starter kits ,3500 students with Education Kits,1000 students with health kits. As part of livelihood assistance 212 families in 7 villages in Wayanad were given calves/ Heifers, 15 families in Kainekery were given sewing machines to generate an income through stitching. 13 families were supported by distributing -2 goats each, 100 families were supported through organic farming in North Paravur,115 families were supported through poultry farming.

Financial assistance for starting petty shop were provided to two individuals [One for purchasing dress materials for stitching and the other for availing electricity connection for her new shop]
House repairs and renovations has always been a tedious task but with the support of the local community and tracing the right subcontractors with a budget of 30 L we were able to reach out to 17 families in Neriamanagalam and help them rebuild their lives by undertaking repairs and renovations of their homes damaged during the floods.

We reached out to 5 families in dire need of support through house repairs/ renovations in Kainekary too.
Under the corporate Optum (XL Health), where health is their forte of work, they have insisted on 5 medical camps to focus on the community whose health have been affected after the floods in Kerala. As a result with the 20L funds received from them, 5 medical camps were conducted in 5 villages in Kainekary benefitting 805 individuals. They have supported distribution of Relief kits to 80 families.

In Kodagu specifically, through the Relief Phase we have reached out to 450 families in 4 villages with Relief/ Starter kits , 2000 students with Education Kits in 12 schools and 500 students with health kits in 4 schools. As part of livelihood assistance with a budget of 10.5L, 12 families were supported through house repairs/ renovations. In Madekeri and 50 families in 4 villages in Madekiri were supported by distributing calves/ Heifers as part of livelihood assistance.

Action ahead- In Kerala , renovation works of 3 houses in Neriamangalam are in progress and is expected to be complete by the end of April 2019 and in Wayanad 38 calves/ heifers are scheduled to be distributed in mid May 2019




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